Come and See

These Come and See messages are preached for each preview service and the public launch service.

Thanks and Giving

This Thanksgiving message addresses how we can develop a heart of gratitude to God, which in turn leads to generous giving. Thankfulness is not an occasional act but a lifestyle of intentional and spontaneous appreciation that leads us into the presence of God, empowers us to be grateful in all circumstances, and generates an overflow of generosity.


This series examines the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and its uses throughout the Bible. Loving others isn’t easy. It requires selflessness and intentionality. Starting in the Old Testament, and moving through the Gospels and Paul’s letters, this series looks at how God expects us to fulfill this command today.

Failing Faith

In America, we often associate spiritual blessing with physical happiness. When life becomes difficult—through loss, divorce, depression, or grief—it can often make Christians either feel like their faith is a fraud, or lead them to believe that God is the One who is a fraud. This four-week series, based on the book by Wade Bearden, will empower individuals to cultivate a faith that will withstand the inevitable troubles of life.


The Staycation series looks at missional living through the ministry and life of Jesus Christ.


The Simple Series reviews the Mission, Vision and Core Values of Belong Church


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