Leadership Retreat 2019

We had a great time of growing and learning at Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, FL. One of the objectives that we set out to accomplish was to grow unity within the team, and that was a tremendous success. Though we all knew each other, we had not spent much time together, and so this weekend really served to help us grow closer as a team.

Another thing we set out to accomplish was to layout some dates associated with key events in our launch process. You’ll see a timeline below with those events and associated planned dates. We recognize that sometimes we make plans and God changes things. That’s why it’s emphasized that the dates are planned.

Soft Launch - April 2019

The Core Launch team begins to meet together on Sunday mornings.

Easter in a Box - April 2019

On April 20, 2019, we're planning to host an event where we hand out Easter dinner to 50 - 100 residents of College Park. We'll also plan to have some entertainment there, details are emerging rapidly for this event

Family Movie Night - June 2019

We're planning to host a movie night at Lake Silver Elementary in the parking lot. Like the Easter in a Box event, we'll be looking to introduce ourselves, and the Belong brand, to the community we intend to serve.

Community BBQ - July 2019

A neat piece of information that emerged during our retreat is that there is some BBQ prowess on the leadership team. We're going to put that to the test as we invite the community to come and partake and maybe even judge some of the offerings.

Preview Service #1 - August 2019

We will invite friends of the ministry and some select community members to join us for our first preview service. The purpose of this service is to put all the planning to the test and operate for the first time in the space we plan to occupy on an ongoing basis. 

Preview Service #2 - September 2019

We will invite friends of the ministry and the community to join us for our second preview service. The purpose of this service is to ensure that the adjustments we make following the first preview service work well. We'll also make any minor tweaks necessary before our full launch in October.

Launch - October 2019

This is going to be a celebration! We're planning to invite friends of the ministry from around Orlando, the state, and the rest of the country to join us as we celebrate the official launch of Belong Church. We're SO excited about what God is going to do through us in College Park.

Fall Event - October 2019

An event will be planned around the Halloween holiday as we take advantage of neighbors being willing to talk with and meet other neighbors. Stay tuned for more details.

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